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About GOCE++

The project is funded for the period: November 2015-April, 2017 It is prepared in response to ESA ITT AO/1-8194/15/NL/FF/gp "GOCE++ Dynamic Topography at the coast and tide gauge unification"

The objective of this activity is a consolidated and improved understanding and modelling of coastal processes and physics responsible for sea level changes on various temporal/spatial scales. In practice, this study shall combine several elements:

  • Propose and develop an approach to estimate a consistent DT at tide gauges, coastal areas, and open ocean
  • Validate the approach in well-surveyed areas where DT can be determined at tide gauges
  • Determine a consistent MDT using GOCE with consistent error covariance fields
  • Connect measurements of a global set of tide gauges and investigate trends
  • Develop and outlook how the approach could be further improved using improved coastal altimetry


The project follows the outcome and scientific recommendations of the GOCE+ project called:
Goce+ Height System Unification


Project Overview